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Experience as Medicine.

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The Wavepaths approach

Wavepaths is introducing a new approach to wellbeing that reconnects us to our innate capacities to heal through art, technology, and psychedelic science.

Our ways of being in this world, our ways of relating to ourselves and others, is shaped by our experiences and our environments. Together we work with the Masters of Experience and those who seek to understand it - artists and technologists; psychotherapists and neuroscientists - to develop Experience as Medicine™.

Calm retreats from modern life’s demands, supportive climates for introspection and emotional reconnection.

Accessible software applications offering adaptive multimedia experiences to support emotional wellbeing.

Multidisciplinary scientific Wavepaths research forming the empirical foundations of our approach.

Led by design and grounded in research, our approach is made widely available via Wavepaths Spaces and Wavepaths Tools.




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